Europe Day is now also EU SIGN DAY

9th of May is the best day to sign one — or more — European Citizens’ Initiatives (ECIs). Your signature can change the future of Europe!


Today is the best day to make your voice heard in Europe.

And to be sure that someone will listen to it.

Spread the word and let everyone know you have signed our European Citizens’ Initiatives today!


9th of May is Europe Day. A day when Europe is celebrated for a key milestone of its past: the “Schuman Declaration” that after WWII called for a new form of political cooperation. Today is the day when the EU Institutions “open” their doors to European citizens.

Today, we ask you to make this day one in which European citizens celebrate the future. Today you can sign one or more European Citizens’ Initiatives. And your signature will count.

Almost everybody is ignoring the very existence of a tool already in our hands to ask the EU to do something to improve our lives: the European Citizens’ Initiative is a way in which 1 million citizens can support and send to the EU a proposal. The EU is then obliged to answer, whether accepting or rejecting it, but has to publicly explain why.

Below you will find 14 European Citizens’ Initiatives — you can sign all of them, or just those that you like. If all of them collect 1 million signatures, the European Commission and the European Parliament are obliged to organise official hearings and can take action on the proposals. And publicly explain their decisions.

Sign now and then tell all of Europe how you celebrated Europe Day. You are making EU SIGN DAY happen.

An ECI is a tool to propose legislation for all 446 million EU citizens. Provided the demand is within the legal competence of the Commission, the citizens’ committee has one year to collect over one million signatures from a minimum of 7 out of 27 Member States. All EU citizens of voting age can sign an ECI easily and securely.

How about you? Had you heard of the ECI before? 

SIGN ONE — OR MORE — OF THE EUROPEAN CITIZENS' INITIATIVES BELOW! asks the European Commission to propose an EU legislation to discourage the consumption of fossil fuels, and to encourage energy saving and the use of renewable sources for fighting global warming and limiting temperature increase to 1,5°C.

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This ECI demands reforms to strengthen the existing rights of EU citizens to vote and stand in European and municipal elections in their country of residence, and also asks for new legislation to extend these rights to regional and national elections as well as referenda.

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This proposal aims to establish the introduction of unconditional basic incomes throughout the EU which ensure every person’s material existence and opportunity to participate in society as part of its economic policy.

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This initiative calls for the adoption of a legislative act providing for a waiver of copyright, related rights, and sui generis database rights for natural persons sharing files via digital networks for personal use and non-profit purposes.

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Our biodiversity is at risk as never before. It has never before been so important for EU citizens to raise their voices against the use of pesticides to save our bees and farmers. Demand the phase-out of pesticides now!

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Facial recognition can and will be used against each of us by governments and corporations — based on who we are and what we look like. Reclaim our public space. Ban biometric mass surveillance!

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Sign this European Citizens’ Initiative, and ensure that the European Commission does everything in its power to make anti-pandemic vaccines and treatments a global public good, freely accessible to everyone.

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#Right2Cure #EUSignDay #SignNow

Stop corruption in Europe at its root, by cutting off funds to countries with inefficient judiciary after deadline

Mandate a firm 10 year post-accession deadline for an automatic moratorium on payments of structural and cohesion funds to a newly-acceded country, until the monitoring mechanism is lifted from their judiciary.

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We aim to end the trade of fins in the EU including the import, export and transit of fins other than if naturally attached to the animal’s body.

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We call on the European Commission to strengthen EU action on climate emergency in line with the 1.5° warming limit. 

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We want the EU to focus on sustainability, safety and responsible innovation when it comes to new plant breeding techniques.

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We call the European Commission to propose to Member States the introduction of a tax on aviation fuel (kerosene).

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The cohesion policy of the EU should pay special attention to regions with national, ethnic, cultural, religious or linguistic characteristics that are different from those of the surrounding regions.

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The fast, fair and effective solution to climate change

Scientists and economists agree: Putting an increasing price on pollution and giving the returns to households — works. A steadily increasing price on fossil fuels will reduce pollution.

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So what's Europe Day for? It's for signing European Citizens' Initiatives!

But you don’t need to wait until 9th of May to support these initiatives! Use the links above to find out which ECIs are currently collecting signatures, or visit the official website of the European Commission where you can find all the European Citizens’ Initiatives.


1. Inform as many European citizens as possible about their right to sign European Citizens’ Initiatives

2. Ask the European Institutions to increase information on the European Citizens’ Initiatives, strengthening existing instruments and including the European Citizens’ Initiatives in the framework of the Conference of the Future of Europe 

3. Ask all the European civil society organisations, Europe Direct Centers, and networks and organisations involved in the celebration of Europe Day and in the launch of the Conference on the Future of Europe to share the link to EU SIGN DAY

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