Why Sign Today?

As European Citizens’ Initiatives promoters and with the support of civil society organisations, we call for everyone who is engaged in the celebration of Europe Day on the 7th of May and focused on the launch of the future of Europe to take three actions:

1) Sign the ongoing European Citizens’ Initiatives
2) Share our message to inform European citizens about their right to sign a European Citizens’ Initiative
3) Ask the European Institutions — on the day of the launch of the Conference for the Future of Europe — to increase the level of information on European Citizens Initiatives

We launched EU SIGN DAY to share a vision for a better functioning European Union democracy. And to reach as many European citizens as possible to tell them that with their signature on one or more European Citizens’ Initiatives they can push some essential reforms at the heart of the European Institutions.

Why An EU Sign Day

Each European Citizens’ Initiative needs the signature of 1,000,000 EU citizens to be officially discussed by the European Commission, and audited by the European Parliament.

It is an impossible target for European Citizens’ Committees to achieve if European citizens don’t know about their right to sign and support European Citizens’ Initiatives, and if the media don’t consider ECI promoters political actors of the European Union.

The YouGov Survey Results on the real knowledge of EU Citizens about European Citizens Initiatives

Survey Participatory Democracy EU
You can access the full data set of the YouGov Survey on European Citizens Initiatives at this link
The survey was funded by UBI 4 All, EUMANS, Democracy International, New Europeans, Voters Without Borders, Freedom to Share.

You can donate here to help us cover the costs of the survey and help us to share the results with the widest audience possible

Our proposals for the European Citizens Initiatives

We prepared a set of short-, medium-, and long-term proposals for the EU Institutions to address the “information emergency” that affects the possibility of effective impact of European Citizens’ Initiatives, as well as to keep alive a process of reforms to strengthen this instrument and give it dignity in the political debate of the European Union. These proposals for extraordinary measures of information on participatory democracy in the EU had been submitted on the digital platform for the Conference on the Future of Europe and you can support them. 

We self-funded and self-organised the first EU SIGN DAY on Europe Day and at the start of the Conference on the Future of Europe. We believe the European Union is the home of millions of citizens and residents who are facing challenges that cannot be held hostage to electoral interests and nation-states negotiation within the European Council.

The challenges that the European Union is facing, from the health and vaccines policies to the management of the role of the technological platforms, the limitations to the freedom of movement, and the ambitious goals to fight climate change, cut CO2 emissions, and transition towards a sustainable economy and ecology, are a unique opportunity to strengthen the sense of belonging of European citizens to the democratic debate of the European Union. And the trust in having an effective impact.

Through our choice of launching and supporting each other’s European Citizens’ Initiatives, we are putting our trust in EU democracy and bringing burning issues (from voting rights, to digital rights, to social rights, and solutions to protect the environment) to the heart of the EU Institutions. Citizens-led initiatives that should be at the core of what will be the objectives of the Conference for the Future of Europe.

We launched EU SIGN DAY because we are convinced these proposals should be known by all European citizens, to offer them an opportunity to sign one, several or all of them, and to take part in the democratisation process of the European Union. But too often these proposals are ignored by EU citizens themselves, by the media, and by the observers of the political debate on EU policies at local, national, and transnational levels. This ignorance makes the goal of reaching the 1,000,000 signatures on each proposal almost impossible.

EU SIGN DAY (and our proposals for measures of information on the European Citizens’ Initiative) is our way as citizens and civil society organisations to offer a solution to the democratic emergency that puts in constant danger the process of European integration.

The slogan of the Conference on Europe says “The Future is in your hands”. We couldn’t agree more. But to trust the future we need to have an impact on the present.

Tell others about EU Sign Day!